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Network Security

The mission of Network and System Security at the University of Nebraska at Omaha is to secure the network and server infrastructure and keep it running at an efficient pace. This involves making sure that each individual's data is safe as it flows across the University infrastructure. Network and Server technologies are the heart of the University Infrastructure. Without these valuable resources the University suffers from the loss of productivity, and without the security of the data on these the vital assets, the University may suffer in other ways.

With such a diverse and de-centralized environment, network and server security is a very difficult challenge that requires the efforts of many people across the campus. It requires the voluntary cooperative efforts of these individuals to make sure University data is available to authorized individuals while they keep it from unauthorized individuals who would like the information for other than intended purposes. It is Information Technology Services' charge to work with individual technological contacts across campus to help them to create that type of secure access and work with these contacts to maintain the secure nature of the computing environment across the University.

The only way to keep a computer or server one hundred percent safe is to disconnect it from the network. If you store your data on a workstation or a server that is never attached to the network, you never will need to worry about protecting your data from hackers or viruses. But you also would never be able to access it remotely, share it with others, have it backed up, or be able to use those same machines for other purposes on the internet. With worms, spyware, and hackers all trying to control or to access servers and workstations - to get at your data - the networks and the servers are the most highly targeted resources.

This area will be dedicated to the sharing of information and dissemination of information for and between all individuals within the University environment that are interested in maintaining the security and productivity of the Servers and Networking environment within the University.

Content last modified: September 27, 2013, 1:38pm