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Test and Evaluation Scanning

The IS Customer Services Helpdesk is home to test and evaluation scanning.

Access the IS Scanning Services System

  1. to Create a Test Scan Request;
  2. to View Test Scan Status;
  3. or to View Test Scan Results

Tests given using scan sheets can use the IS Test Scanning Services System for processing results. Steps to complete this process are:

  1. Click the "Access the IS Scanning Services System" button to the right.
  2. Log in with your UNO NetID username and password.
  3. Create a Test Scan Request
  4. Complete a correct answer key. If submitting scan tests with multiple answer key sheets, a unique receipt is required for each answer key sheet.
  5. For grading, send the correct answer key and scan sheets through intra-campus mail, or bring the tests to the IS Customer Services Helpdesk, Eppley Rm 104
  6. Test results can be retrieved on-line by logging in to the IS Scanning Services System
  7. Scanned response forms may be picked up at the Helpdesk, or will be sent back through intra-campus mail

Evaluation Scanning

Before delivering evaluations to the Helpdesk for scanning, please print out and complete this form to be delivered with the evaluations.

Documentation to assist with the Scanning Services System:

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed Instructions

Interpreting the statistics from the test scan program.

Instructions for performing adjusted percentage calculations.

The blue 200-item five choice response forms can be purchased from:

Apperson Business Forms
1.800.473.6761 ext. 1430
Form NT-4251 Reflex Read
Customer Number: 441346

The price for 500 sheets is approximately $40. When you contact the company have them send you an invoice with the shipment. Do not fill out a Purchase Requisition until the invoice arrives; the UNO Purchasing Office will do a direct pay for this item. If you have any questions regarding these forms, or for any other question, please contact IS Customer Services at 554.4357.

Content last modified: November 19, 2012, 9:21am