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Report a phone problem
Contact Dick May @ 4-2854
or Andrew Taylor @ 4-3599

Fill out an Online Trouble Request Form
Move, Add, or Change my Phone
Contact Dick May @ 4-2854
or Andrew Taylor@ 4-3599

Fill out an Online Request Form
Reset my voicemail password, system name, or announcement
Contact Dick May @ 4-2854
or Andrew Taylor @ 4-3599
Send us an e-mail to
Acquire a Cellphone, Blackberry, Smartphone, or pager
Contact Stuart Martin
by phone at 4-2799
by E-mail:
Setup up a Video or Audio Conference call
Contact Dick May @ 4-2854
or Andrew Taylor @ 4-3599
or send an e-mail to
Request a campus phone directory
Contact Information Operators @ 4-3036
or Send an e-mail to
Locate a faculty or staff member
Visit the Nebraska University 4 n 1 Directory online directory
Join the UNO Alert messaging capability

Phone Services

Basic Service

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) telecommunications system consists of a state-of-the-art, digital, private branch exchange (PBX) and distribution infrastructure engineered to provide high quality voice communication services. The system provides a non-blocking environment between UNO campus phone users and / or local and long distance locations.

Telephone service is provided via traditional single line phones and advanced digital phones located throughout the campus in offices and meeting rooms.

In addition, emergency and convenience telephone service is accomplished through strategically placed “Blue Light” and building campus phones. Various features, such as, call transfer, call pickup, conferencing and etc., are available through the UNO telecommunications system.

The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the entire system. Personnel are available, on a consultant basis, to facilitate individual and departmental telecommunications analysis.

Requests for additions, moves and changes should be addressed to the:

A service request form is located at ( Request ).

Additional Services

University Information and Special Events
The UNO Information Attendant and evening/weekend recorded announcements are available to inform callers and visitors of UNO activities and special events.

Pertinent information should be addressed to:

Conference Telephone
Specially designed conference units are available to facilitate teleconferencing requirements. The units provide excellent communication when several people in an office or meeting room need to talk simultaneously with a distant party.

Conference Calls
All UNO provided telephones are capable of conferencing up to six parties (the originator and five others). If a larger teleconferencing application is required, the UNO Telecommunications Department can make additional arrangements for larger groups. All UNO Digital phones can conference up to 5 people. Analog up to 3 (self plus 2)

Telephone Credit Cards
Faculty/staff members may need a university credit card for placing official calls when away from UNO. These are issued and monitored by the Telecommunications Department. Requests can be made using the credit request form
( Calling Card Request ).

Cellular (Wireless) Phones
Arrangements are available with various vendors for faculty/staff to purchase cellular / wireless services at the UNO/UNMC corporate rates.

Digital pagers are available through a contract with UNMC. Local coverage, Nebraska coverage and a national coverage plans are available.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail provides a cost effective method of receiving and recording incoming telephone calls. The UNO voice mail system provides a number of features, such as, auto attendant, broadcast messaging, group forwarding and etc, which can be customized for specific departmental applications.

800 Service
UNO provides an 800 line for official business calls into the university. The line accepts calls from Nebraska and Iowa only. The Telecommunications Department, on a charge back basis, will negotiate and coordinate implementation of dedicated 800 services for individual departments.

Telecommunications department stocks copies of the directories from UNO, UNMC, UNL, UNK, State of Nebraska and commercial directories (White and Yellow Pages) for Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln. White/Yellow pages updates are coordinated annually.

Notary Public Service
The information attendant at the EAB Information Center are authorized Notary Publics and provide free notary public services to students, faculty and staff.

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